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Oukitel C3 3 067
Oukitel C3 Android 6.0 MTK6580 Quad Core 1 ....


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Европа готовится ответить на американские торговые санкции


"Европа готовится ответить на американские торговые санкции"
" Вс, 29 апреля 2018 17:52:09 Комментариев: 0 Версия для печати Штеффен Зайберт, официальный представитель правительства Германии, сообщил о том, что Германия, Франция и Великобритания согласовывают действия в ответ на возможное введение США торговых санкций в отношении стран Евросоюза. Сегодня стало известно, что субботу и воскресенье лидеры трех самых влиятельных стран – членов Евросоюза по телефону согласовали свои позиции по поводу торговых санкций, анонсированных Америкой. В частности, речь идет о введении США пошлин на стальную продукцию в размере 25% и 10% на алюминий. Пока что они не актуальны для стран Евросоюза, но такая ситуация должна сохраниться лишь до 1 мая.Вопрос о пошлинах поднимался в ходе недавних визитов в Вашингтон Эмманюэля Макрона и Ангелы Меркель. Нынешние телефонные переговоры Меркель, Макрона и Мэй проходили с учетом результатов этих визитов. Главы государств едины во мнении, что Америке не стоит прибегать к торгово-политическим ограничениям для стран ЕС. А вот европейцам все же нужно быть готовыми «решительно» защищать свои интересы, заявил Зайберт. "
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Call of Dead Duty Trigger
Gameplay mimics strike team on the modern battlefield with a sci-fi feel. Frontline commando at its top form. Whether you prefer to blast your adversaries from distances or to execute them from hundreds of meters. It's like Dead Space only featuring cosmic bugs. Unknown to humanity before, species found in the depths of Saturn. Follow the call of duty and go on a gunfire rampage as you will become the apex sniper, shooting space zombies like zombies in the forest. Guns that will be to your disposal are not distant and wide, but they are good enough to defeat any challenge you will ever find. Survive the limitless influx of deep space terror, shoot the space zombies dead and witness them disintegrate and die. Just the grandest feats of modern warfare will change the trend of this cosmic war. Amid the crimson rocks of Jupiter fps experience will be broad and appealing. Written on android game source code, this modern combat sim shall give you the vibe of actually having the hard shadowgun in your fingers. Only now free call of duty strike team.Plentiful dead in space can effect you. Many frontline commandos have died back you so this edge of tomorrow can bring you mostly enjoyable and dazzling anguish ever. Though you have to know that this ain't Deer Hunter - this is true blood and true pain because you will be battling the war for mankind, as the fight on the remote battlefield shall determine the fate of the world. The heed of the modern battlefield will push you to your extent, as the cosmic horror shall bring you trials and tribulations of great degree. Get it quick and be the greatest sniper shooter, while beating the edge of tomorrow combat. Ready your sniper shooter and jump in the saddle; lay your finger dead on the trigger and spin up the barrel of your rifle of preference. This mobile aplication you can get on the android market for your comfort.

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billiards game
Simply swipe the screen of your android phone and start to fight for the awesome stakes of many players mode in this carom pool game. Anyway it is only the cue stick, the holes, the 8 pool balls and you. Thine pool artistry in pool shall be trialed in plentiful challenges given to you by great development development company. Become the billiards master either like a expert or in the arcade mode offered here. Your campaign through different brands of billiards will be awesome and deadly. As you will strive to drop the 8 ball into the one hole you'll have to use the opportunity of viewpoint, as you can turn your screen in any course you want. 2D looks give edge to this game over its contestants. The arduous amount of play styles will bring you to your edge. This pool game offers you the decisive table contest in many pool halls around the earth. Simply you and the straight rails as you baffle the kismeth with your skills. Luckily enough it has a practice gamemode so you can work on your dexterity as long as you will feel the need to start being the best cue player in the known universe. Have a game of english billiards, pro pool or carrom, anything you prefer. Whether you come from the China or Russia, there are going to be certain national type of this awesome cue sport. Snooker or pool, this game has it all. As 8 ball pool this is a great android aplication. The greatest snooker on android market entertaiment ever! Simulacra of the most popular games of skill at any point. Tailoring of the playstyle is this time in playing industry so smooth that other 8 pro billiards can run and play hide and seek with their grandmas.

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